From humble beginnings often come great things.

As explained earlier, is based in the Netherlands and was started by John Visser, who also comes from Amsterdam. The story of how he came to start the company is proof that sometimes all you need to start with is a dream.

Early Beginnings

John Visser was born to a poor shopkeeper in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1956. His mother died early, and he helped care for his brothers and sisters. From a young age, he wanted to succeed because he knew that he wanted to be able to take care of his loved ones.

small jobs

From his first chances, John started working small odd jobs, even as early as 10 years of age. He saved anything he could, after helping his father take care of his family. A businessman in the neighborhood noticed him when he was only 14 and helped him find more ways to make money.

Early Businesses

By the time he was 20, John started his first small shop. He had the help and support of others, because everyone knew how hard he worked and that he was trustworthy. However, it soon became apparent that he was going to go on to bigger things.

online gaming company

He saw an opportunity to invest in an online gaming company, and the rest is history. He helped with that one, and has since gone on to many more gaming successes. Most of these are in other countries, although he still feels very close to his home in The Netherlands. In those other companies, he also offers amenities such as online games, and he has been very successful in those ventures.

Back to his roots

John feels very close to his home and very grateful for all the time he spent there.


He knows that if not for the support he received from a young age, he would not be so successful today

fantastic product

Because of that, he always intended to provide a fantastic product in his home country too.

other enterprises

After earning many successes with these other enterprises, John finally felt that it was time to take advantage of what he saw as an opening in his home country. Thus the idea of was born.

Developing the Company

n the beginning, the company only had a few games, but John knew he wanted to do something different. He did research and found the two most popular games, but made them more accessible.

Because he loves his homeland and believes in his company, John is investing his time and energy into making the best of all his online gaming resources. He is working toward the future, and giving his country an important resource

Video Developers

He also works with video developers to make the games better than ever before, and to provide them on several platforms.

as he builds his compnany into something anyone could be proud of. He wants people to know that when they see the name, they are going to experience top quality products.