winning at Blackjack

Unlike Roulette, there is much more skill that comes into play when winning at Blackjack. Even though Blackjack is a simple game at first glance, there are definitely many ways that the game can be influenced by a skillful player who is paying attention.

game of Blackjack

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Beating the Odds

Being able to play in the comfort of your own home may make it easier for you to concentrate on the game and make your best plays. You can keep out other distractions and spend your time playing and improving your game.

play for money

When you are choosing to play for money, you can take the game more seriously. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that your skills have helped you get ahead in the game.


How to Play Blackjack

The first step you will need to take is to choose the amount you want to bet. While this seems like it may be simple, you want to choose the amount very carefully based on where you are in your playing and what kind of strategy you are choosing.

After you have placed a bet and let the Dealer know you are ready, you will be able to see your hand, which will consist of two cards for every player, including the dealer. At that point, you will need to choose whether you want to “Stand,” “Hit,” or “Double.” If you stand, you are going to keep the same cards. If you ask for a hit, the dealer will give you another card. And if you choose to double, you can double your bet. (If you decide to double your bet, you will only get one more card.)

goal of the game

The goal of the game is for your hand to be as close as possible to 21. You are also going against the dealer’s hand, so you can win by having a lower score but still having a higher score than the dealer. However, if you go over 21, you are “Busted,” and and it’s Game Over for you on that hand.

Blackjack Strategy

Of course, the trick to Blackjack is knowing when to stay, get another card, or choose another option. Blackjack is deceptively simple, which is what makes it such a consistently exciting game. This is one of the games where you know the house has the advantage, but you also know that you can work hard and overcome that.

There are many factors to consider when playing Blackjack. One extremely important factor is that when you have an Ace in your hand, it can count different ways depending on several things. If an Ace is one of the first two cards, it will have a different value, but at other times it may count as either 1 or 11. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter at all what suit a card is.

Depending on who you ask, there are several bits of advice everyone should take, such as: Never split 10s. Always split Aces. Always split 8s. As a player, you will probably try several strategies before you find the ones that help you the most. The most important thing is to have fun playing.